Nautical Themed

I did a lesson on nautical expressions and I thought it was quite fun to just sit around and use it in general conversation or general situations, so I wrote a short piece relating fights to this theme. Please share love and comments for me on my writing.


I consider myself a loose cannon

Because during a war, my mind flies across the room knocking down lesser things with words I cannot control

If words are my ammo then you’re in the fucking way

You like things hands over fist and that scares me because what if I am not ready?

What if I am and I am just scared so I cower in corners while you stand over me with your hand out…waiting?

Pack accordingly, you say. But for what? The storms we create shouldn’t get this out of control

but it does, you say, attaching a life jacket to you. I notice there is only one.

We can fight to the bitter end and we cling to the broken pieces of timber