New age problems

I’m stuck between becoming a brand;
I am fully equipped to use any social media platform.
I am unhealthily obsessed with the Kardashians.
Any other woman making it big because of their beauty and their means to make money, actually.
I am economical.
I know how to persuade, assert and compete.
New trends are always intriguing to me.
I have been blessed with breasts big enough to cast a shadow over my stomach, a butt you can use as a pillow and I’m tall enough to intimidate other women.

But I’m really much different.
I’m quiet
Im constantly reading.
My brain is either doing crosswords, making something creative, and writing short stories and essays for no reason
I cry when I write sometimes.
I want to make women cry because they relate to my stories
I want women to see me as a role model because of my brain

I won’t say I’m supernaturally beautiful but I’m not what one would expect
And I’m constantly thinking about whether or not this will be the cross roads in my life.


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