Second hand

I have been feeling extremely tenacious lately. Thought about small businesses and making ends meet by creating an online business worthy for those who, just like me, cannot make due with minimum wage.
I’m no bourgeois bitch. But I suppose being young has left me for the taste for the extravagant and for the new.
I would never ever buy second hand clothing because I feel they have some years on them and they don’t exactly belong to me, but I do believe that either selling your clothes you don’t wear or giving them to charity if they have a few years on them is a great idea!
So I googled “cash for clothes” for three days straight. I came up with nothing

I went onto Facebook and going two groups called “Second Hand” where people could post pictures of their items and if anyone was interested, they would be able to create a meet and have their items sold.
Except, I didn’t get any offers….
So what I have been thinking about is starting an online store where you could actually get Cash For Clothes.
It would be for less than you bought it, obviously and I would need some assistance in managing the clothing. I would donate many to charity. Have them handed out to those who actually do need them.


The only dilemma I do have about this sort of idea is that I don’t have money to pay for anyone else’s used goods. Which is quite the predicament.
What I am getting at, people, is that as a twenty one year old girl who always reads about how becoming an entrepreneur is in demand in this generation, I realized that there will always be setbacks.

There are always obstacles.

Young people should be able to start their own clothing lines. Their own garages to fix cars. Their own dog walking companies without the worry of not having the money to sustain their daily lives.
Its a big thing to think about and I think companies should start investing in some of these ideas. After all, that’s how they started out, isn’t it?

But what do I know?
I’m just twenty one year with a dream.


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