Culture shock

There is a short piece of the novel I am writing.
Okay, that’s a lie. I am not writing it. I was, once, but I gave up half way through. I’m more of a spontaneous writer which means if I am not feeling it, nothing happens.

Despite that, I get some good piece out of every half story I write.

We sat together in silence. I went through scenarios of how I could get out of spending time with her. She was my brother’s girlfriend. Why would I need to bond?
She switched the channel to some reality show. Her face lit up as woman paraded themselves with their husband’s money and dressed half naked in fashion shoots that they called ‘art’.
“Why do you watch these things?” I snorted while taking a handful of chips. “They give women a bad name. All they do is exploit themselves.”
She didn’t even flinch. It couldn’t be the first time someone has told her that. I had a strong opinion on the way women presented themselves. And Like attracts like.
We continued watching the show but I quickly moved my interest onto her. She smirked whenever someone said something about money and power on the show. It was quite interesting to watch.
“Money isn’t everything.” I blurt out without thinking. My face immediately embarrassed at telling her that. My brother had already warned me about what I shouldn’t speak about.

She turned herself towards me and her golden complexion had dried out. She looked annoyed more than tired. “Money is everything ….when you have none.”

And she turned back towards the show.


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