Love letter

About her:

She had a pile of books by her bed. She read for fun. She said it takes her to a different place when her own feels too foreign. She laughs at things she reads and sometimes she cries. Both make me stare at her in disbelief.
I cannot comprehend how a girl like her has lived this long in a world this cold. She is nothing like me. Nothing at all. But her eyes makes me believe we’re one.

See, I come from a background where if I need something, I get it. It was a simple as that. I had my own room with all my childhood memories and she had none.
We each had our own bathroom within the house which was convenient for those busy days. But she had one make shift bathroom detached from the house. It was nothing special, frankly,I was appalled. Yet it was all hers and she asked for nothing more.
She didn’t have much and didn’t ask for much. she just smiled at life’s little pleasures whereas I worked hard trying to receive what I thought I deserved, missing out on everything that makes life worth living.
That’s when I noticed her, how little she must care for a big house and a thick wallet. All she needed was a good deed and her day was made.

She was better than me in many ways.


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