Love Her but leave her wild…

Love the fact that the her eyes sparkle when she sees children. Not because she desperately wants one, but because she says they are the innocence we lose throughout the years and it is fascinating to see them at that stage in their lives. untainted but vulnerable. She wishes she were untainted again.
Love her because she is dramatic. she is always pulling faces and pretending to be upset. She is so spoiled and not with material things but just genuine love. this world she lives in has always been hers. She settles for nothing more than she deserves.
Love the fact that no religion or faith has ever made her something she is not. She refuses to choose and she lets people know that. Her religion is humanity and people are confused by that.

Love her because she loves her dog as her own child and you do not understand but she puts every living being as equal. You think it is because of compassion and perhaps it is true.
Love her because she does not have much friends to speak to so she writes and writes till her fingers bleed in the early hours for the morning. You never read what she writes because she does not let you in fear that you wont understand. Love her because she is great but she is never confident enough to put it out there. She is afraid of her own aura and she knows you are afraid too.

she hates stereotypes and conventions and she is annoyed by rules. She does not like cooking and feels that if you are as human as she is, then you do not deserve better treatment. She fights with you constantly because you grew up fearing your father and she grew up praising her mother. She is going to fight forever, and you know this so you love her regardless of her mood.

Your father hates her powerful presence. Your mother envies her strength, But you know she is neither powerful or strong, but her refusal to conform is that which makes her seem untouchable.

love her because she runs from pain, knowing well that she is not equipped to handle it. She cries when she’s upset and she lies to protect. Love her because she would kill for her family no matter how wretched her life is. She would stand in front of danger to protect you because that is who she is. Love her because she is a warrior. And a worrier. She is woman but she is also not.
Love her because she will show you strength which you first thought only is inside men.

love this woman, for her open mind and her bright eyes. she is never there to judge faiths or choices. She is only infuriated by her own demons, her temper, her mind. She is constantly struggling to put things in place when her mind is scattered. She is constantly worrying and you love her for her brilliance. She is a born mother but a sleeping warrior. Give her an opportunity and she will fight for your freedom. Love her because unlike you, she is not in a box that has been given by you parents and you may fear it but you should love her.
you have to.
Love her but never change her, she will never be the girl you thought you could spend your life with.

Love her because it is people like her that change the world. People like her who see past the history books and into the minds of those living today. People like her are going to be pushed down and moulded to fit the standard but you need to loosen her chains and let her fly. Love her but leave her wild.

We will all thank you for it.


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