Woman. RISE. 

Happy woman’s day to all powerful woman in the world. 

To those who have proved to be greater than expected and more powerful than the men who have told them to stand down. 

To the girls who loved books more than barbies and couldn’t understand why her brother got to eat and sleep whereas she had to clean up after them all

To those who do not keep quiet in a world where rape is as common as dying.

Woman. Rise above the remarks made by those we need to support us on what we can do and what we are no supposed to.

Rise out of the ashes of your burnt dreams, phoenix. You’re not dead. So what is stopping you from fighting back?Nothing should be able to hold you back anymore! 

Stand for your womanhood and the people who support you.  Shake hands with the women who hate us for our strength. Wish them their own happiness if they try and steal yours. You are more powerful than you know. And that is why you should rise.

By the words of Maya Angelou, we have been written down in history as weak. Fragile. Dependent. Those were all “twisted lies” because we’ve overcome generations of feeling inferior. To the point that our grandparents believe us to be spoiled. “Too smart” they tell us.  But that is what they are used to. 

But we will rise. 

Rise above Paulette Julies’ poem about the role of women. Why should we be in the kitchen instead of out in the field. Why should I have to fight to prove to be the one fit for the job.

I call bullshit! To all those telling us we are not intelligent enough to take on roles previously seen as “male”. Have we not come far enough to show otherwise? 
I am not a victim.

I am not a child 

I am as human as you and as powerful as it gets. You can throw me down and you can yell at me. But I will rise out of the hatred you have woven around us for centuries… 

As a woman, I will rise. And I will fuck you up. 


Head out of the books

Once I start thinking about the person I am now in comparison to who I used to be, I figure there might not be a big change.

I do still immerse myself into my own world and read all day. I do still get social anxiety when in a new environment. I do still want life to stand still instead of move forward.

That is how I was and still am.
I trap myself in a bubble that doesn’t involve other people.. I don’t really want people around as much because I feel as though they do not understand. I get really emotional and some people get annoyed by that. I want people on my side at all times. I suppose this could be considered a princess complex.

However, I have  grown a lot in a short period of time. Just last year , I was studying and reading and considering my life to be a dead end and the only way out is to get my degree. I had no experience with work and my boyfriend was my savior more times than I’d like to admit.
Yet being forced out of that life has made me conscious of reality and life outside of what I had known. I had to go on a job search and especially being as persistent as I am, I got one quite quickly. It was a part time position but it was something. I would say that life outside of my education was all I thought it would be. I got fat. I made debt. I partied a lot. I literally feel as though I have wasted a year of my life.

But have I really? I have experience now. I have a sense of what money actually means and how quick it can be gone. I have tastes another choice.

I have grown.
And honestly, I would never have done this if I had not been forced to pull my head out of the books.

Second hand

I have been feeling extremely tenacious lately. Thought about small businesses and making ends meet by creating an online business worthy for those who, just like me, cannot make due with minimum wage.
I’m no bourgeois bitch. But I suppose being young has left me for the taste for the extravagant and for the new.
I would never ever buy second hand clothing because I feel they have some years on them and they don’t exactly belong to me, but I do believe that either selling your clothes you don’t wear or giving them to charity if they have a few years on them is a great idea!
So I googled “cash for clothes” for three days straight. I came up with nothing

I went onto Facebook and going two groups called “Second Hand” where people could post pictures of their items and if anyone was interested, they would be able to create a meet and have their items sold.
Except, I didn’t get any offers….
So what I have been thinking about is starting an online store where you could actually get Cash For Clothes.
It would be for less than you bought it, obviously and I would need some assistance in managing the clothing. I would donate many to charity. Have them handed out to those who actually do need them.


The only dilemma I do have about this sort of idea is that I don’t have money to pay for anyone else’s used goods. Which is quite the predicament.
What I am getting at, people, is that as a twenty one year old girl who always reads about how becoming an entrepreneur is in demand in this generation, I realized that there will always be setbacks.

There are always obstacles.

Young people should be able to start their own clothing lines. Their own garages to fix cars. Their own dog walking companies without the worry of not having the money to sustain their daily lives.
Its a big thing to think about and I think companies should start investing in some of these ideas. After all, that’s how they started out, isn’t it?

But what do I know?
I’m just twenty one year with a dream.